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Need Help - Looking For A Full 7 Round Draft Order

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I've been looking for this for a while now, but can't find exactly what I need. I need the entire draft in order from round 1 to round 7. Most I find I see mistakes & almost all were done before the coin flips and some even before the superbowl was played. If you can find one or you have one, please post a link.


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Thanks guys, I should have a 7 round list up on the boards later today. I think the one from Walter's is the easiest to export into excel so I'll go with that & verify it against all of the real trades I know about & then the trades that have happened in the IMD thus far. I do have a little anti-Walter bias, so I don't usually ever click on any links taking me there, but I'll make this an exception.

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What I do like about Walters is the profiles and rankings, giving stats for the years in College and a little about what they've accomplished .

You can get some decent info from there, but I think the guys that run/write for the site has some serious biases that come out at times. I'd prefer getting info from places that don't seem to slant or show favoritism in their work.

Draft pick order is here. I will keep it updated with trades.

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