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Defensive Scheme

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First off I'm really excited to see what Mike Nolan does with the defense. I'm glad we have gotten away from some of the coverage schemes I've seen with BVG's defense. I think Nolan's system is far better suited for Dunta Robinson and Grimes. Dunta does a far better job with receivers in one on one situations than having to make reads. Secondly I'm glad to have Biermann and Decoud back. I think they will both benefit from the new scheme. Decoud will get some shots to blitz. Thrid I'd love to have Mario Williams,but at what cost? I could see our defense dominant with him, it would make our inside guys better. I think Bab's would love having him here. I'm a huge fan of an aggressive scheme rather than complex zone schemes. The linebackers seem to be a pretty solid group..Spoon is my hero. I'm not surprised if Lofton goes somewhere for a lot of money. The past couple of years he has been the plug that we funnel our run defense toward. He is a tackling machine and does a great job with play recognition. I'm curious to see what comes of it. I'd love to see Nolan reach out to Crowder and get him to join Dblock. He had huge numbers in Nolan's system. Offensively, We have so many weapons. Im a huge fan of Ryan. Let him go out and win some games. Give Turner a spell and keep him fresh by utilizing the other two backs Rodgers and Snelling. Our line just doesn't seem the same since we lost Dahl. He most have been the attitude or glue that meshed them. I only see a couple of free agent linemen really worth taking a look at. Our recievers are pretty set. I'm not a big fan of weems since we lost that part of our game due to the rule changes on special teams. I'm afraid we will lose Douglas who I like watching in the slot. I'm hoping this season is something special. Being from Montana, football is a huge deal. I coach and work with it year round. So seeing the birds do somethings to better the team for next year means a lot. Free to chime in and tell me your thoughts on the defense for next year.

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