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Signing Conformation On Unlisted Players Please


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NFL.com shows the Falcons signed 3 players earlier in the year but I can find no records of this on the Falcon web site. Today some one posted a "tracker" list and they were not on that list either.

Real curious

3 Jan 12 Scott Albritton LS

3 Jan 12 Corey Adams LS (local boy)

10 Jan 12 Robert McClain CB

can any one comfirm (or deny) these signings

**note the nfl transaction list has 1 as a LB aand the other as a center but when you look them up under "player" they both apperar as Falcon LS

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Well if we signed two long snappers then we must must not be going to resign Zelenka or bringing in some cheap competition.

Zelenka has been rock solid & you usually wouldn't want to screw around with disrupting that, but I think he had a 2-3m cap hit last year. I would imagine these younger guys were just brought in so that TD could have enough time to figure out if either of them could be a younger/cheaper option at LS before he has to make a decision on whether or not to re-sign Zelenka.

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The reason why we go year-to-year on Zelenka is that if he signs for the veteran minimum of $925,000, then if it is only a 1 year contract then it only counts $565,000 against the cap (third year player min salary).

I would certainly expect a second LS for camp, but I'd be astonished if Zelenka wasn't back. He just isn't a priority now as there's no market for his services.

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