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Lol.. Saints Caught On Tape "pay Me My Money" When Favre Gets Put Out Of Game


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An on-field microphone might have captured evidence of the Saints’ bounty on Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, according to a report.

Sports Illustrated reported a microphone captured an unidentified Saints defender yelling, “Pay me the money” just after Favre had to be helped off the field with a sprained ankle in the 2010 NFC Championship Game.

The magazine has a detailed account of the NFL investigation into the Saints paying defensive players to injure opponents. Part of that report centers around that game when the Saints faced the Vikings for a spot in the Super Bowl.



BOUNTIFUL: Brett Favre is helped off the field after the Saints got to him in the 2010 NFC title game.

It has been reported Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma offered $10,000 before the game to any teammate who knocked Favre out of the game. According to the report, an on-field microphone captured Saints defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove yelling “Favre is out of the game! Favre is done! Favre is done!” after Favre suffered a sprained ankle and was helped off the field. Hargrove was fined for vicious hits in the game.

Then Saints’ defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who the NFL says oversaw the bounty program, would hold a meeting on Saturday nights and hand the players white envelopes stuffed with cash for their hits the prior week, the report says.

Also yesterday Saints head coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis issued a joint statement, their first remarks since the bounty scandal surfaced last week.

“We acknowledge that the violations disclosed by the NFL during their investigation of our club happened under our watch. We take full responsibility,” they said. “This has brought undue hardship on Mr. [saints owner Tom] Benson, who had nothing to do with this activity. He has been nothing but supportive and for that we both apologize to him.

“These are serious violations and we understand the negative impact it has had on our game. Both of us have made it clear within our organization that this will never happen again, and make that same promise to the NFL and most importantly to all of our fans.”

The statement probably will do little to spare them punishment from the league office. The SI report painted a picture of a furious Roger Goodell. The commissioner is expected to levy punishment much more severe than what the Patriots received in 2007 for Spygate.

Payton, Loomis, Vilma and Williams, now the Rams defensive coordinator, all could face fines and/or suspensions.

SI quotes a source close to Goodell saying when the commissioner first heard the allegations he said “God forbid this is true. This will be earth-shattering.”

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What was sick is that little to none of the malicious hits were flagged in the game but were recognized after the game. I still can't wrap my head around exactly what is going on with the officiating in the league nowadays. They can catch a DB whose hand is simply touching or making minimal contact with a receiver or a block in the back all the way on the the opposite side of where the actual play is happening but they never pick up on the holding habits of certain OLines or when a QB who isnt in the fav 5 gets abused late in a play.

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Did the Refs get some of that bounty money?

They got post-Katrina FEMA money for the thousands of non holding calls on people trying to rush Brees, not to mention all the no-calls on offensive pass interference on jump balls as well as Phantom holding calls on opposing O-Lineman. .

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