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Vance Walkers Hit On Brees Should Earn Him A Start At Dt


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Listen I know guys are going to be mad but look the truth is I'm trying to see how we could afford Mario Williams and I figure this is a good reason to do so and you will get another quality player for the low at that position.I think that we should cut Babineaux and replace him with Vance walker who I believe is a RFA.

Guys Vance Walker is a vicious mean hitter and made a few stand out plays in 2012 IMO. The one that stands out the most to me is the hit he laid on Drew during that game in NO in 2011 before the season was over and Drew looked up at him like where did this guy come from and how did he get through my guys to me.

He just threw Brees to the ground as a matter of fact I believe it was the only sack of the game against a highly regarded and paid lineman Jahri Evans #73.

Dude also penetrated through Houston's line to get to Yates down there on the 10 to 20 yard line hit Yates arm and the ball came out which Sanders picked up and ran in for a TD only to have the TD striped away because of penalties called on both sidelines for coming on the field.

Look I'm just saying nothing against Babs he has had a nice career with the Falcons but this guy can get the job done and looks vicious doing it. You would have thought a bounty was given to him for that hit on Brees.


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My point exactly. Many, many people on here think that if you are drafted you must start and be a star.

1st round Prouduce day 1 unless QB

2nd round Starter by year 2

3rd round starter eventually

4th round depth

5th round depth

6th and 7th round Crap shot camp cuts.

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Every GM expects different. I expect round 1 players to be able to start right away, and even some round 2 players. round 3 and round 4 players should impact in their rookie year, and start some time in the future or have good play time.

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