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Needs Vs Best Available

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quarerbacks are fun to talk about even when you don't need one.

FALCONS are set with Matt Ryan. Consider what I say as nothing more

than an exercise in logic. In a late round or in rookie FREE agency,

Falcons should pick up a QB.

I just, from NFL.com, went through most rosters to see which

teams would really NEED a starting quarterback. We all know

who the top two are and where they may well go. CBS SportsLine

has a 3rd ranked for the 1st Round. I say NO; Ryan Tannehill,

Brandon Weeden, Kirk Cousins, Brock Osweiler and Nick Foles

ALL fall through the 1st AND 2nd rounds and into 3, 4 and 5

just because not so many teams really need QBs

Quarterback is not a very important position

as long as any given team can

keep their #1 healthy

You can do the same with other positions.

FALCONs do not need any high pick linebacker,

but if Curtis Lofton is not signed, suddenly Dimitroff

is going linebacker high in the draft, and fans on these boards

are going nuts, surprised.

Back to QB: Dolphins need one but are thinking Manning

more than a draft choice. I'd like to see Falcons get Patrick Witt

late or FA OR Case Keenum

Ignore me, flame me. Point is needs are shouting

and butting up against surprise quality people falling down

the draft boards (not the message boards)

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