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I'm making this thread as a record of who of our own FAs have been resigned and how. We have 20, so it can get confusing. I will update this as things change.

John Abraham - 3yr, 16.72mil

Kroy Biermann - 3yr, 9.15mil

Kirk Chambers

Harry Douglas - 4yr, 10.5mil

Thomas Decoud - 5yr, 17.5mil

Brent Grimes - Franchised but unsigned

Kelvin Hayden - Bears, 1yr, 825,000

Reggie Kelly

Curtis Lofton - Saints, 5yr, 27.5mil

Todd McClure - 1yr, 990,000

Michael Palmer - 1yr exclusive tender, 540,000

Mike Peterson - 1yr, 990,000

Chris Redman - 1yr, 825,000

Brett Romberg

Antone Smith - 1yr exclusive tender, 540,000

James Sanders - Cardinals, 1yr, 915,000

Jason Snelling - 3yr, 4mil

Vance Walker - 1yr, 1.26mil

Eric Weems - Bears, 3yr, 4.2mil

Joe Zelenka - 1yr, 925,000

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Not our original guys, but figured I'd post it here: Lofa's cap hit is 2.7mil this season and Manuwai's is 825,000, which is vet min and only counts around 550,000. I also added details on a few others.

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