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We Need To Resign As Many Of Our Guys As Possible On Defense

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Falcons need to resign as many of their players as possible. I'm willing to bet that this group will play much, much better under Nolan and BVG. I'm willing to bet Nolan will use these guys to play to their strength. Robinson, Decoud are going to look like new players next year. I think the same holds true for the Offense. I expect Roddy and Julio to be incredile next year. I do think we need to replace Abraham, 12mil/yr is just insane. Work a deal with Mario... we need a true anchor for this defense and he might make Edwards and Bierman play better. Anyways, I'm just excited about the new coordinators...that really enough for me.

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Abraham ?—re-sign or sign Mario or sign someone or Sidbury/Matthews

DeCoud Signed

Grimes –Tagged

Lofton – ? some say Dent can take over, I’m not sure


Bierman- it has been reported he will sign very soon

Walker –RFA should be a straight forward re-sign

Peterson – some are talking about Crowder as his replacement

Hayden ?—is he needed –already have 6 CB

Sanders ?---they do need a backup FS—or maybe Hansen/Tuimaunei

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I just don't see the need to pay these guys what they're going to ask for. The new NFL is won with defensive linemen and offense. The Giants just won a super bowl with our trashy ex-SLB playing the middle and a bunch of safeties playing corner. Spoon showed me just how average Lofton really is and Grimes is going to want too much money to stomach watching him get torched by Jimmy Graham for the next decade.

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