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Decoud Is Re Signed

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Our defense just stepped backwards 8 steps. the worst decision among the signings so far.

Most Atl fans agree with you

But NFL.com rankings for DBs (CB+FS+SS) has it this way

tied at #24 DeCoud

tied at #88 Moore --missed 2 games could have reached about #71

tied at #104 Grimes --missed 4 games could have reached about #64

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potentially good move.... Decoud has the talent/physical tools... Its all mental with him..... When the benching pressure was on him... The guy stepped up....

Mike Nolan specialty is the DB's.... Lets see can he tap in his potential.

Also i didnt see a big upgrade in FA or the draft

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Not particularly a fan of Thomas DeCoud, I felt he didn't have a good season last year. Probably the FO thinks that with a new top coordinator he can build on that excellent season he had two years ago. Let's see how it works out, I'm hoping we get to see a DeCoud on his 2010 level or even better.

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I'm not surprised. DeCoud is not the best around, but this offseason has zero better options available in either free agency or the draft. Hopefully this is a short term deal so we can see what he can do with Nolan. If he improves then good for him and good for us, if not then next year offers one of the deepest safety draft classes in years.

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