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If You Only Get One Big Fa, Pick One...


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I'm curious what's the popular opinion of the fans. If we are to make one big splash, and one splash only b/c we don't print money like the Eagles, who'd you rather have in FA. I'm guessing it comes down between Nicks and Mario. Here's my thought.

Ultimately an elite DE is more valuable than an OG. But, I think w/ Nicks and our team needs it may be the other way around. Let me explain. Nicks is no where near your normal OG. Plus our offense is loaded, if and only if we can protect Matt and open holes for Turner. Nicks does both. An anchor like Nicks also makes everyone else on the OL better. Look at the Saints, they had mediocre OT's, but their job was just to force the DE to take on outside rush and let Brees step up. If the go inside they get swallowed up. Makes the pass rush one deminsional, and allows Matt to step up in the pocket. Plus keeps him from getting out of the pocket where he's at his worst IMO.

With Mario I ask myself this. How much better is Mario than Abe was in his prime? Maybe a little better, but Abe was no doubt an elite DE. And we saw what other teams did to Abe when he had no help on the DL. I'd expect double/triple teams on Mario if he came here.

So that being said, I think Nicks would have a much larger impact on our team than Mario, and comes in at close to half the contract price that Mario will command.

That's my thought, what's yours? Obviously in the end, there is no wrong way to go if we get either one. And here's to stealing Philly's money printer and getting both!!

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I think the offense is closer to being top 3 than the defense.

The team is in better position to win games by outscoring opponents than by shutting them down.

Get the OG or LT needed and give Ryan the time to throw, and Turner/Rodgers the holes to run through.

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