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You Are The Gm!....you Have To Pick Between A Pro Bowl Dline Or Pro Bowl Secondary Which Will It Be?



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  1. 1. You have the future of you teams defense right here with your decision! Which Defense unit would you BEEF up?

    • Secondary
    • D Line
    • neither throw it all on the Linebackers

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Wanted to know what defense unit was more important to our falcon fans...........

What Im asking here is if you where the GM and Blank told you he will break the bank for one unit on defense to make major moves which unit would it be?...In other words would you rather have 4 pro-bowl D line men on the team or 4 pro-bowl Defense Backs on the team?...

Personally I would say give me a Pro bowl D Line but shockingly there are falcon fans I know that would actually prefer a Pro bowl Secondary because of this happy pass driven league we are in today! so what do you think?..Vote!

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Pro Bowls are voted on by fans. Fans are impressed by statistics.

I'll take sacks as being more representative of overall performance than interceptions.

Leaders in INTs last 5 years - Kyle Arrington, Jarius Byrd, Antonio Cromartie, Ed Reed x2

Sack leaders are Jared Allen x 2; Demarcus Ware x2; Elvis Dumervill

I want the D Line.


If you're asking a more general question about whether the D Line or secondary is more important - it's the line.

And it's also worth noting that it's very hard to find good linemen, particularly in the 4-3. Other than Cullen Jenkins, there are no good undrafted D Linemen in the league. Compare that to corner.

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Perfect ex of this would be Sharper w/ the saints. He got DE # sacks but the D as a whole sucked. He was also 1 of the worst covering people. So he was a beast at blitzing in a scheme that threw mad blitzes. But it also took him out of coverage.

They are going to spaggs who will work on getting the LINE better to handle QB pressure. Nothing says you cant still blitz with him and do what he does really great. But if you can get that same pressure from the line and not bring him in, then why wouldn't you?

His sack #`s go down but the D-LINEs should go up.

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I'd rather spread the wealth and have a good line and good secondary, than have an All Pro DL with a poor secondary, or an All Pro secondary with a poor DL.

In other words, average at every position like our current defense.

Our FO better get an all-pro d-line or 9-7 here we go!

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Someone once said something similar to this

Even a probowl CB can't cover a journeyman WR for 10 seconds --think it was TD

Now seems to me if you have a very very poor D-line then that journeyman WR is going to have a lot more time to get open

I'd rather see a balance between the D-line and the secondary

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