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Idea On Source Of Starters At Positions Of Need

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Draft(D) Free Agency(FA) or Present Personel (PP)


OL-- Guard-- PP ( Johnson vs Jackson)

Tackle--PP (Sivtec learns under Hill. ( LT next year's 1st round pick)

Center-- McLure x 1 yr. Replacement this year (D or younger FA)

Tight End--Tony x 1 yr. Draft replacement (2nd or 3rd rd) this year.

Wide Reciever-- if Douglas leaves-- cheaper FA

Running Backs-- Turner stays x 1 yr. Assume Snellen goes-- Quizz plays more. Draft Turner's replacement 2nd or 3rd round next year.

Quarterback--- draft late round backup this year (ie:Kellen Moore)



DL---- 2 additions: Mario Williams FA-- and a 5th or 6th round 'hog' at NT for 3/4 scheme. No big money spent here until we know how important the 3/4 becomes.

LB---- if Lofton leaves-- plug in Dent. Draft cover OLB late. (can Spoon move inside and become our 'def. Qb'?)

If Grimes leaves draft CB with 2nd or 3rd pick.

If Grimes stays, draft safety in same rounds as above.( 2nd and 3rd rd. picks interchangable with decision on BPA between TE and CB/S)

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