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Undefendabe's 1St Mock

Guest Negatorris

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Guest Negatorris

FA Resign/Walk

Chris Redman - Walk

Growing in age. We can get a younger replacement for the future.

Jason Snelling - Walk

Another team will give him a bigger role.

Mike Cox - Walk

Ovie is possibly one of the best blocker in the league, so we don't need Cox.

Harry Douglas - Resigned

A dangerous weapon when utilized correctly. We've all seen his flashes of talent to be a great receiver.

Eric Weems - Walk

Good in kick/punt coverage, but constantly put the offense in bad positions. Replaceable.

Reggie Kelly - Walk

Old, useless.

Kirk Chambers - Walk


Todd McClure - Resigned

He's got one more good year left in him. Never been a liability.

Brett Romberg - Walk

Don't really need him.

John Abraham - Walk

Wants too much money for his age, and ability to get injured every season. Walking.

Kroy Biermann - Resigned

Young. Nolan can do a lot with his skillset. Has shown flashes of brilliance at times.

Curtis Lofton - Resigned

Can't break up 5-0!

Mike Peterson - Walk

Most likely retiring. Injuries.

Brent Grimes - Walk

Possibly looking for too much money coming back aged 29, and off a knee injury. Production was down last season, and he is more replaceable than you think. We have young talented DBs to fill this hole.

Kelvin Hayden - Walk


Thomas DeCoud - Resigned

Young, and not ready to give up on him.

James Sanders - Walk

May be good depth, but we could save the money.

FA Signings

Ben Grubbs - OG

Cheaper than Nicks, and capable enough to protect Ryan.

Mario Williams - DE

With Abe gone, we need a top DE, and he is the top DE available. He is also young, and we have the money to afford him.

Marcus McNeil - OT

Good to beef the line up, along with Grubbs.

David Garrard - QB

History with Koetter, young and capable backup in case something happens to Ryan.

Paul Solai - DT

If Dolphins don't want to keep him, we will most definitely scoop him up. He will proved push up the middle to get pressure on the QB.

These aren't all the FA signings, but the most important.


2nd Round - Orson Charles TE, UGA

Will work under Tony G, and take over and become a star.

3rd Round - Brandon Boykins CB, UGA

Can replace Weems on ST, and Grimes in the secondary. Great athlete.

5th Round - Robert Turbin RB/FB/HB, Utah

Snelling's replacement. Runs hard, and had a good senior season. He can also catch, and can be used in the screen game. Very similar to Snelling.

6th Round - Landon Walker OT, Clemson

With good development, can be developed into a starter in a few years. Good for depth so far.

7th Round - Greg Childs WR, Arkansas

Big receiver to use as the #4 to replace Weems. Can be a solid option for Ryan for the vertical passing game.

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I'd actually keep China Doll Hayden and Sanders I think China Doll is possibly our best NB so I'd resign him for cheap.Sanders is probably a better starter than DeCoud at this point also.

I love Ovie but the way you've gone in FA I gotta have the cap space so Ovise is history resign Cox keep Snelling because for me playing with a broken jaw in that Giants game I'd resign him.

Out of your FA's I'd flag Grubbs and McNeill.I'd see what Mike Johnson and Andrew Jackson have at RG and for a LT I'd have a go at signing Anthony Collins from the Bengals I think he could be a under the radar type guy to go after and of course Mario for obvious reasons.Soliai or Franklin for me at the Nose either would be nice.

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