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Interesting To Say The Least(List Of Top 50 Qbs)

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I honestly think

Matt Ryan > Matt Schaub at this point.

Eli Manning > Big Ben at this point.

And if we are going off of their current state of play it should be:

3)Tom Brady 2)Aaron Rodgers 1)Drew Brees

Off their career entirety:

3)Aaron Rodgers 2)Drew Brees 1)Tom Brady

Drew Brees is a better QB than Aaron Rodgers, I don't give a **** about what the analysts say, lol. Aaron has been overrated and hyped by the analysts ever since the packers won the Super Bowl. Both the saints and the packers have been loaded with talent on offense but Brees has more of an impact on his team than the surrounding cast does. The team runs threw Brees. I can't say the same for Rodgers as much. I think he relies on his surrounding talent more than Brees does his surrounding talent. I also think Brees has more heart and is more of a commandeer/leader.

As for Brady he does seem to have fallen off a little in the past couple of years, however the talent surrounding him has fallen off substantially more... So it's kinda hard to judge Brady right now. He's still Brady though, and I think if he had more talent around him one could make an arguement to swap Rodgers and Brady at 3) and 2) for my current state of play list. I guess Rodgers is probably better at this point though.

PS - I hate the Patriots but I hate Aaron Rodgers more. :D So yea I'm a little biased I must admit lol. But I still think I'm pretty accurate.

As for my argument of Matt Ryan over Matt Schaub and Eli Manning over Big Ben... In my opinion, both Schaub and Big Ben have plateaued and reached their full potential for a year or so now. Matt keeps getting better every year and so does Eli. Matt should pass Schaub this coming year in "eliteness" and Eli has just passed Big Ben this past year.

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Come on guys--- it's a Bleacher report-- Bleacher articles are written by fans just like you and me.

Thus the name Bleacher --(as from the Bleachers)

So anyone who takes the time to put a list together and submit it has a good chance of getting it published.

The only basis for the order is the fan's (writer) own opinion (plus whatever research he did)

Anyway this was up a couple of days ago with many responses

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#8 is pretty good (even thought I think Ryan is better than Schaub) I know this is the Bleacher report but that adds more credibility to me. This isn't a " Falcon Fan" writing his opinion. We are probably more or less critical of Ryan cuz he's our guy. But someone like Big Ben, who we don't have a rivalry with, we just respect his game.The guys making this list may not be so-called experts, but they are just fans that are repecting Ryan's game.

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