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2001 Braves


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How in the world did the Braves manage to win 88 games and a playoff series against the Astros? My gosh that team on paper was horrible.

Braves opening day lineup.

1. Rafael Furcal - SS

2. Quilvio Veras - 2B

3. Andruw Jones - CF

4. Chipper Jones - 3B

5. B.J. Surhoff - LF

6. Brian Jordan - RF

7. Javy Lopez - C

8. Rico Brogna - 1B

9. Tom Glavine - P

2001 was the year that Furcal only played 79 games because he hurt his shoulder sliding into 2nd base against the Red Sox. 2001 was the year that we couldn't find a first baseman. We started the year with Brogna before trying Wes Helms and Ken Caminiti and finally setting on Julio Franco in September. Here are some more of the amazing Braves of 2001

Kurt Abbot

Jesse Garcia

Keith Lockhart

Rey Sanchez

Cory Aldridge

Bernard Gilkey

Dave Martinez

Paul Bako

I won't even go down that list of pitchers. It's pretty bad.


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Again, the more that Bobby Cox fades in the rearview, the more he's going to be appreciated. Especially in comparison to Fredi.


Of course Brian Jordan had 25 homers, Andruw had 34, and Chipper had 38.

I wonder if we'll ever have two guys get 30 in the same season again

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