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Braves Trivia Thread


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I love trivia. We used that have a thread like this a while back. Let's see how long we can keep this going. You guys all know the drive. If you answer right you get to ask the next question.

Here is a 2-part trivia question to start off with. What position was Chipper Jones playing when he hit his first MLB homerun and who did he hit it off of. I think we all know the team and stadium he hit it against but what position was he playing defensively and who was the pitcher?

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Uhh, how about he was playing LF against the Mets and he hit it off one of Bret Saberhagen or Josias Manzanillo. Can't remember which one it was, but probably the reliever.

Right. He was playing LF at the start of 1995. I guess Ryan Klesko was hurt. In the 9th inning of a 2-2 game Chipper took Manzanillo deep to win the game. It was just the start of Chipper becoming the Mets killer.

Ok ATL. Post a question.

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Correct to Lemke with 24 games. Played in all but the 1999 series. Blauser was a close second with 23 games played.

I knew it had to be someone who was with the Braves a long time and my answer came down to Blauser or Lemke and I went with Lemke based on the fact that Bobby liked to play Belliard a lot in the playoffs because of his defense.

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Blauser against the Cubs, prior to Chipper

Nope. Here are the last 4 Braves to hit 3 bombs in a game.

Jeff Blauser in 1992 against the Cubs.


Andruw Jones in 2002 against the Phillies just like I said.


Chipper Jones in 2006 against the Nationals.


And since nobody answered my question I'll answer it. Mark Teixeira hit 3 homeruns in 2008 against the Mariners.


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