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The O-Line Will Not Be A Brady Holding Line Nor Do They Have To Be For Matt Ryan To Be Successful


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Can we please stop pointing to the number of sacks in defense of the line? Our entire scheme was designed to overcome their inability up front, by running the ball ad naseum or getting rid of it in 1.2 seconds when we did throw it. Not once did I see Ryan have the time that Brees or Brady had on a regular basis. And, if Baker is starting at left tackle next year, I am going to get a valium prescription to prepare myself for the inevitable.

I remember someone posting video of Ryan & Brees in the pocket & both had about the same amount of time. the only thing is the Saints don't run the elementary routes we ran that allows DBs to basically blanket our WRs. plus if Brees was getting pressured they had screen plays to slow down defenses. the O-line will be fine, even though I still don't like Baker

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Time is coming soon for us to see what Baker and this line does under new o-line coach Pat Hill.

Do u really believe that coach Hill will somehow magically transform Baker into an effective LT?

The firing of Coach Boudeaux is yet another attempt to cover up Dimitrorff's inadequacy in building an effective Offensive line, and yet ppl just don't get it.

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