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Guess Who The 2Nd Best Ot In The Nfl Is?

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Best offensive tackle in NFC South?

February, 20, 2012

Feb 20



By Pat Yasinskas

Here’s a pretty interesting item by Jonathan Bales from the DC Times. Bales ranks the top 20 offensive tackles in the NFL.

There’s only one NFC South tackle on the list and it’s probably not who most of you would name with your first guess. Or your second.

It’s Atlanta right tackle Tyson Clabo. Although he’s got a reputation for being a decent player, nobody has ever called Clabo elite. But that’s basically what Bales did by ranking Clabo as the No. 2 tackle in the NFL.

According to Bales, Clabo gave up quarterback pressure on just 1.4 percent of the snaps he took part in. That’s pretty impressive. It’s too bad the rest of Atlanta’s offensive line didn’t play like Clabo last season. The Falcons struggled with pass protection early in the season and there probably will be major changes on the offensive line this offseason. The biggest change could come at left tackle where Sam Baker entered last year as the starter. Baker got hurt and Will Svitek replaced him. When Baker got healthy again, the Falcons kept Svitek as the starter. There’s lots of speculation the Falcons will part ways with Baker and look for a new left tackle in free agency or the draft.

Going back to Bales’ list, I’m a little surprised that Carolina’s Jordan Gross and Tampa Bay’s Donald Penn didn’t make the top 20. Those are the two that most scouts point to as the best tackles in the division.

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2011 Pass Blocking Efficiency: Offensive Tackles

No, the only Rams lineman that impressed at tackle in pass protection was actually Harvey Dahl. Not only did the former Falcons guard outplay his teammates; he outplayed everyone. The sample size is limited, and he was helped somewhat by playing in an offense that attempts to get rid of the ball quickly, but on 200 snaps in pass protection Dahl gave up just three hits and three hurries, giving him a league-best PBE rating of 97.8. So, while the Rams look at ways to rebuild their line, their use of Dahl could be something to watch.

I saw this earlier and didn't know that he was moved to OT

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This list is stupid.

1. The RT primary job is not to defend the QB - that's the LT job.

2. The RT primary job is to open up lanes for the RB. Which I dont think Clabo did that good of a job at.

Yet on passing plays the RTs job is to protect the Qb. In fact on any passing play at all would the job of both tackles not be the same?? I do realize protecting the blind side of the qb is maybe the more important protection assignment but when its a pass play i dont understand how one could claim that a RT has far less pass protection duties than a LT. Especially in this case where our LT probably recieves much more help with chips and such than does our RT (Clabo) Im kinda confused with your assesment.

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