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Why Loften, Grimes Will Be Gone Fast In Fa


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Look how much money these teams have. No way we get Williams. Bucs can basically go buy anything they want with that kinda money! Get ready to booo grimes because i expect we may only see him twice a year.

We think we have money to spend. Look at some of these teams.

Im sure we will here MM`s name a few times as we can bet he is gonna try and take some of our guys.

To many teams have a ton of cash to spend! But our guys top some of the list of best FA`s out there. We are gonna get hit harder than Walmart on a black friday sale. Every team is gonna be shopping here for players.

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You have to consider that some teams may have large cap space, but is the owner willing to spend the money.....above what is required by the league....

Second, some of our players are not worth what they will garner in FA, so why hinder ourselves from a financial standpoint to keep what honestly has been barely above average play from a few guys...

Get use to the idea that we will not have several players that we may want back on the team next year...It happens to every team....

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isnt the requirement 90% though. Thats a lot of cash to spend for those teams just to make the requirement.

Ive been saying all year Grimes is gone. Not because i have a issue with him at all, but because of $$$$$$$.

Bad thing about rebuilding your team in 2 years is all the contracts start expiring at the same time. Almost forcing a rebuild in 3 years (when your lower level players are all FA`s).

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