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Show Me Your Mock 1.0!


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Let's see your wish list Mock draft (for your team) before the combine.

We will also do one after the combine and after Pro days right before the draft. No trades!


1. Micheal Brockers DT Lsu

2. Stephon Gilmore Cb USC

we have no 3rd round

4. Keenan Robinson OLB UT

5. Chris Rainey Wr/KR/PR/RB UF

6. Russell Wilson QB Wisconsin

7. Korey Williams ILB Southern Miss

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Guest Negatorris

1. -

2. Coby Fleener TE Stanford - Gonzo is leaving soon and he could groom him to take over when he does. If Fleener is gone, Orson Charles can be taken if he's available.

3. Jake Bequette DE Arkansas - I don't know how injury prone he is, but he did miss a few games. When he's on, and generating pressure he can get to the QB. He had a nice run towards the end of the season with multiple FF and Sacks.

4. -

5. Bernard Pierce RB Temple - An underrated RB with explosiveness out of the backfield. He averaged over 5 yards per carry and had his best season yet last year as a JR. Scored 27 TDs on the ground. He can also catch out of the backfield, averaging over 17 yds/catch. Could be a steal, and replacement in 2013 for a declining Turner.

6. Jonathan Martin OT Stanford - A big OT with good strength. He could come in and become a backup, and learn under the veterans we have, and eventually replace the aging OTs we have. He did a pretty good job protecting Luck last season, only allowing 2 sacks.

7. Rueben Randle WR LSU - A player that can come in and move into our #4 receiver on the depth chart for WRs if Weems leaves. He has physical features similar to Marques Colston, and can catch the ball down-field. Rueben avg'd 17 yds/reception and his speed is good enough to push the ball down-field. His size and strength will also allow him to come down with many jump balls. He could end up being a good player to add to Ryan's arsenal.

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