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Percentages May Go Down On Nicks


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In case you guys did not watch ESPN last night,they had the top 5 guys who may get franchise tagged, mind you, the tag was originally made for the QB, so you all should know where I am getting at on this one, the point is, Drew Brees was one of the guys mentioned by reporter John Clayton that may likely end up being one of the top 5 of players franchised; if Brees goes forward with this move, then our chances of acquiring Nicks may have been cut in half. If we don't sign Grubbs either because of this mess, what do you see us doing in the draft?

I Need all RELEVANT opinions people!

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Got about a month before Brees would need to be franchised, it's all idle speculation to fill up air time until FA starts.

Really doubt the Falcons make a serious play for Nicks- he's going to be expensive and the Falcons will probably let their draft picks fight it out for the guard spot. LT is what they need in FA.

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even if Nicks hits the market I HIGHLY doubt the Falcons go for him. They already hvae 36M into a left guard, and cant see them putting 50M into another left guard.

They have 2 draft picks they like at the position (RG). I could see a B level talent for competition at the position, or a round 2-3 draft pick.

Think more like Chilo Rachal (SF) or Evan Mathis (JAX) at a much friendlier rate if they look for OG via UFA.

If the cash flies on a OLman, I look for a tackle like McNeil, or a trade for a guy like Matt Light.

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Rather than getting the uber expensive Nicks, I'd like us to get Gaither (3m hit), Robert Mathis (6m hit), and Michael Griffin (5m hit) - maybe a couple small pickups too - and then draft Doug Martin in the 2nd, Brandon Brooks in the 3rd, and Brandon Boykin in the 5th.

Just saying.

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