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There Is Hope For 2012 And Here's Why


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Going into the playoffs all Mike Smith talked about was how we could not turn the ball over and I think Ryan was afraid to throw an interception. That and the fact that a pass play in Mularkey's scheme was such a big diagramed event made for a QB who was tentative to say the least. The O-line also played a big part, but when you are a run first team and you suddenly have to pass on the road it's a recipe for disaster and we all know that. The one positive from the Giants loss is that it opened the eyes of Blank and certainly Dimitroff. The hiring of Pat Hill will be looked back on as a stroke of genius if he rebuilds the O-line the way I think he will. Mike Nolan is going to be such an upgrade on defense that we will have a hard time recognizing this same unit. I really expect to see a different Matt Ryan next year and a different team as a whole..I am not at all concerned about not having a #1 pick in the draft. Koetter will help the offense, but Hill and Nolan were our #1 picks for 2012.

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Guest Negatorris

I made a thread about this after the game too. I think there were two main reasons the offense stalled. Ryan was dinking and dunking because he didn't want to turn the ball over and take the blame for the loss(didn't work out), and MM who knew he would have a job as soon as the Falcon's post season was over lazily drew up a gameplan. All he cared about was his newfound job and money. And when Mularkey made the comments about knowing that we couldn't do much against the Giants BEFORE the game, I knew he had to take a lot of the blame. I'm glad he's gone, and Ryan needs to learn to take control like Manning. If Dungy or Caldwell told Peyton to do something he didn't like, Peyton would take control of the offense and it usually always worked. I wanted Ryan to just say f*ck Mularkey and start taking over. He is one of the smartest QBs in the league right now, and now he has the chance to prove it with Koetter.

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Ryan just needs to throw it and stop over-thinking so much. He's being too cautious with his throws. Let the WRs earn their money and let them make some plays.

Roddy White led the league in drops and Julio Jones was very inconsistent. I think it's a bit more than just tossing it up and "letting the WRs earn their money", they're athletes not magicians.

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