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Did Y'all Know This?

Falcon Man™

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How did Andre Reed never have back to back 1000 yd seasons? That's crazy.

I know right?! I think he is up for the HOF too...

So, I am guessing you're a Radiohead fan. I think they are one of the greatest bands of all time. What's your favorite album? Mine is OK Computer, but In Rainbows Double Disc is fantastic. The new one takes time, but grows on you...kinda like Kid A did for me...

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Stevie Johnson is the first BILLS WR to record back to back 1,000 yd seasons. I mean they have had some pretty dam good WR's over the years - Lofton and Reed to mention a couple.

Trade Roddy and sign him (possibly)?

Stevie is good but his stupidity is the only thing that would make me say no to signing him, even if we didn't have Roddy. He said he's gonna stop with the dumb crap but that's one of those wait and see moments

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