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Nfc South: Arms Race

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The division is heating up and improved quality of competition will only make us better. The Bucs had looked like they were becoming a team the season before this one but they took a major step back and are probably a couple offseasons away.

But the Saints and Panthers provide 2 very different challenges for the D.

To overtake the Saints in the division the pass rush definately needs to be upgraded both on the edges and the inside. We need a better and deeper DL. The good DEs probably wont hit FA but there will be some DTs. After that we could use a replacement for Decoud and another corner or 2.

The Panthers provide a completely different challenge with Cam. They didnt win many games this year but this is a dangerous team that led the NFL in explosive plays. When they run the read-option players are looking at Cam when he hands off the ball and are taken out of the play instead of trying to stop the RB.

I imagine Weatherspoon will spend a lot of time assigned to spying Newton. Moore could also do it but we'd obviously prefer to have him in coverage

Resigning Lofton is our first priority then we gotta fix the OL but we're going to have to upgrade the pass rush to overtake NO

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