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Offseason Need List

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Here are the needs as I see them

1 - Resign Lofton. I've stated the reasons plenty times before he's great young durable and if he leaves the run D falls apart. A must resign

2 - Fix the O Line. The OL is terrible. In the playoff lost the defense forced 3 and outs and the O couldnt get a 1st down. The D got worn out and exhausted.

Blalock and Clabo are the only locks to start. We need a LT and will likely have to draft him, possibly even trading up. We should be able to sign a vet OG. If a player like Ben Grubbs or Carl Nicks is available we need to throw everything at them. Then they could play LG on Ryans blindside, helping our new LT and C. Blalock could shift to RG where he'd fit fine. We could then have a competition at C between the remaining OL on our roster, and possibly draft one.


LG-Ben Grubbs


RG Blalock

RT Clabo

3 - Upgrade the pass rush, improve DL depth. The pass rush wasn't good enough and I feel we could really use a big NT in the middle. If Abe leaves we MUST replace him with a Mario Williams/Cliff Avril/Robert Mathis/Calais Campbell. Its not likely that any of those guys even hit the market. We may have to resign Abe just cause no one better will be available, and then beef up the interior. I believe a big NT like Paul Soliai from MIA would really benefit the whole D. He would eat up double teams and anchor the point in the run game, freeing up our quick players and keeping them from getting worn down, setting up passing situations where our small DTs will be fresh instead of tired. There are also some DTs that are in the same mold as our guys and can contribute as pass rushers.

DE is tricky because the good ones probably wont hit the market so we'll have to resign Abe, and maybe draft one, but we need to draft a LT first

DT we can definately find a FA as there are a number, including Soliai who was Nolans NT and was tagged last year so should be available


UT Babineaux, Peters

NT Paul Soliai, Jerry/Walker

LE Edwards, Sidbury, (Biermann?UFA)

This isnt enough to upgrade the pass rush in my opinion but there probably wont be any pass rushers out there. We could add another DT like Amobi Okoye and cut Jerry. Last year before the season I said we hadn't done enough to upgrade the pass rush and said Mark Anderson and Andre Carter were 2 guys we could pickup for cheap. Theyreboth coming off 10 sack years and wont be cheap. I know Carter is a FA, Im not sure Anderson is, if he is he would be a good pickup.

If we resign Lofton and upgrade the OL and DL we'll be a much better team. After that we could use a replacement for decoud, depth at CB, and resign guys like Douglas and Snelling but those are less important

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