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Cheap Potential Free Agent Moves


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In case you guys haven't read here is the link.


During Super Bowl Week on radio row, General Manager Thomas Dimitroff interviewed with 680 the Fans Buck and Kincade. He acknowledged that were currently have 18 free agents on the team and they will focus on 8-10 to try to sign. Assuming Brent Grimes and John Abraham will not be signed and Curtis Lofton will be the number one priority to resign, here are some players who would fill in some of the holes the Falcons will have but might not cost a boat load of money. Keep in mind this list might feature quantity over great quality since they also need depth at positions.

Free Agent Signing:

Jeremy Zuttah: He's a 6-4, 308lb Offensive Guard for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who would be 26 by the time training camp starts. He has been holding down the left guard position for the Bucs for the last 4 years. He became the full time starter in his second year and has played multiple postions on the line. That's something Dimitroff and the coaches love. He plays with a mean streak with the Falcons need on the O-line. He needs to be judged by his full body of work in the league not just last year. The Bucs O-line was horrible but Zuttah was not the problem.

Anthony Collins: He's a 6-5, 315lb Left Tackle for the Bengals who would also be 26 by the time training camp starts. He has been a part time starter since coming into the league 4 years ago. During those starts he has played well. Of course not well enough to take over the starting position full time, but that could change if given an opportunity on another team. He has good footwork and hand placement and can keep up with some of the league speed rushers of the edge. He can come a cheap price and could become a staple at LT for years to come.

These two O-line signing could fill two needs and make the O-line younger.

Brandon Carr: He's a 6-0, 207lb CB for the Kansas City Chiefs who will be 26 by the time training camp starts. He has started every game since his rooking year. He would fit well into the new DC scheme. He has played man and off coverage in KC and has the size to match up better with taller receivers. He regressed in 2011 but could benefit from a change in scenery. He's not being a coveted as some of the other corners on the market like Grimes, Finnegan, and Rogers. He could be one of the biggest steals during the free agency period.

Terrell Thomas: He's a 6-0, 191lb CB for the New York Giants who will be 27 by the time training camp starts. He missed the entire 2011 season due to torn ACL injury. He suffered this injury in August and should be ready by the time training camp starts. This would definitely be a risky signing but could pay off if he could return to his former self. The injury will definitely lower his price tag but he would bring great experience and play to the team if completely recovered.

One of these signing could bring help bolster the CB position with the assumed departure of Brent Grimes.

Mark Anderson: He's a 6-4, 255lb Defensive End who will be 29 by the time training camp starts. He is coming off a Super Bowl appearance with the New England Patriots. He wasn't the starter in the beginning of the year but took over after Andre Carter was put on injured reserve. He amassed 10 sacks this year as his career was revitalized. He career started in Chicago where he was thought to become a great edge rusher but his progress stalled in later years with Chicago and also in Houston. Hopefully the Super Bowl appearance doesn't drive up his price.

Jeremy Mincey: He's a 6-3, 270lb Defensive End for the Jacksonville Jaguars who will be 28 by the time training camp starts. I know, I know. Another connection with Coach Mike Smith and the Jacksonville Jaguars. This might be another connection that would work out well. He's a local from Stateboro, Ga. He finished with eight sacks this year which is a great feat considering how the Jags were mostly trailing in games with teams trying to run out the clock. He has versatility playing both end positions. He might be the priciest potential signing along with Brandon Carr but shouldn't garner a max contract as elite talent like Mario Williams or Cliff Avril.

Signing one DE who is younger and provide the same production would fill the void with Abe potentially leaving and the coaches not wanting to turn over the reigns to Lawrence Sidbury.

I must say I was a bit surprised with DB Brandon Carr on this list.

Your Thoughts?

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Eh, I don't agree with Brandon Carr being on that list. I think he's going to be making the most money out of all the CB's in the Free Agent market this year...

Yea that didn't make sense to me either He has too much shutdown talent at a young age to be considered a cheap Free Agent pick up.

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I didn't know Cliff Avril was considered top tier coveted talent. Won't most GM's assume he didn't contribute significantly until Suh and Fairley came to the Lions? Is his body of work prior to the arrival of Suh enough to warrant top FA billing? Or is he possibly another Edwards...

He is not starting there.... He wants to go somewhere else so he can start.... He played when Andre Smith went down... He will hit FA.... Its Reggie Nelson who i think they will most def resign

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Guest mashburn
Eh, I don't agree with Brandon Carr being on that list. I think he's going to be making the most money out of all the CB's in the Free Agent market this year...

I was scratching my head as well. I wonder how much he will go for. I'm thinking 6-8 a year

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The pass rush needs to be improved. There arent many DEs likely to hit the market but there will be some DTs


Abe-Is on the wrong side of 30 but our best pass rusher. Only way we can lose him is to replace him with a guy like Mario Williams. We will resign him 1-2 years and try to add another player

Biermann-Didnt produce enough in a contract year. We may resign him if theres simply no one available and then beef up the DTs

Mario Williams-Houston has a number of FAs but Williams is their best. If they cant sign him long term I imagine they would tag him. If he does hit the market he would be a must sign and he could return to the 4-3. It would lessen the need to resign Abe but I still would.

Cliff Avril-The Lions have Tulloch as a FA and need to address CJs deal soon but I imagine they would want him resigned, they dont have another edge rusher. If available he would be a great pickup and just what we need at DE.

Robert Mathis-I have a hard time seeing the Colts let Mathis walk, he and Freeney are all they have on D. If available he would be a good pass rusher. The Colts have Mannings situation to deal with and a number of FAs but Mathis is the most likely to be tagged in my mind

Calais Campbell-More of a 3-4 DE this guy is a beast he would play DT for us and could line up at DE in run situations. He makes all kinds of plays racks up stats and is huge and would bat down a lot of Brees passes, has balled out the last 3 seasons and would be a great addition great pass rusher inside. The Cards best FA and likely to be tagged

Before the season I said we hadnt done enough to improve thepass rush and said Mark Anderson and Andre Carter would be guys who could compete for cheap, they both had 10 sacks this year. Anderson probably wont be tagged by NE and would be a good addition with resigning Abe

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There are some decent CBs on the FA market this year. Draft is fairly deep at corner too. Not a lot of FS talent, but it's good to know there are options if Grimes leaves. It's a good thing that FA is fairly deep with talent this year, and it's a down year for the draft. The Julio trade might not be as expensive as we thought if we can get solid FA help.

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This off season will contribute greatly to define TD as a GM.

Do he, and talent evaluators and Cap mngmnt. within da' Branch, have the brains, vision, and skills, to get our roster locked & loaded for Playoff runs and SuperBowls??

The time is now. Either get it done or Mr Blank will replace you all.

I am going to believe that he has the ability and guts to get it done.... I've liked his moves so far for the most part.

I think going to get Julio was a stroke of genius on many levels... and years.

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