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Draft Picks This Year


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Ok, I know we haven't got a first round pick, and I've kind of got used to that now. No big deal... (he says through clenched teeth)

But I was just looking through a mock on WalterFootball (I appreciate his analysis, but never seem to agree with the conclusions) and it hit home a bit that we don't have a fourth round either, which could hurt a lot - it certainly puts a lot of pressure on 2 draft picks to be the right ones, in terms of which position is drafted and the quality of player available.

But I don't really understand how compensatory picks work, so if any of the more experienced people on here could answer a few questions that would be great:

1) Apart from the crazy (trading Roddy) or the crazily optimistic (getting a 1st for Turner) ideas, is there any way of getting a 1st or 2nd round pick? I read someone talking about franchising and then trading Grimes, for example, but I don't know how these scenarios work.

Trading up counts as crazy by the way.

2) How do compensatory picks work, and if we were to lose any of our guys, what would we get?

3) Despite all the rumours, is it at all likely we will be able to trade someone for a 3rd/4th round draft pick? If so, who, and what round would we get for them?

I remember thinking last year we might get something for Jenkins, because he was half decent, but we didn't, which was sort of evidence that people are way too optimistic when it comes to valuing players in terms of draft picks.

Anyway, thanks for the help in advance.

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Compensatory picks are awarded by the NFL.They are awarded in rounds 3-7. They're based off the previous years free agency signings. For instance if you lose a big name FA like a Julius Peppers, or Alan Fanaca(from the Steelers to the Jets a few years ago) you are more likely to get a 3rd round compensatory pick. Players of lesser "value" get compensatory picks in rounds 4-7.There are only o many picks awarded every year, so not every team is guaranteed one and some teams get multiple.

And you can also be denied them if you lose a player but sign another one of equal value in free agency.

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