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Jamaal Anderson


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And Jelly has 2.0 sacks in three years. That's 6.5 sacks from two first round DLinemen folks.

Sid and the Beer Man probably doubled em up as low rounders comin off the bench.

Beer has 2 TD's to his name... so I THINK he was the better pick... Sid has 1 TD... so that's 3 TD's between the two vs. 6.5 sacks. unsure.png

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I don't understand why people look back on these draft busts with such disgust. Busts happen, its just a simple fact. No one and I repeat no one knew that Patrick Willis or Revis were going to play anywhere near the level that they play at now. Yes, they were great in college but so was Busterson at least for 1 year. This guy was a legitimate top 10 talent when he came out and JPP looked eerily similar coming out of college. Who's to say that Busterson couldn't have ended up just like JPP in the right situation.

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