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My Biggest Afmb Pet Peeve.


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As an old English major, I try to keep my criticisms of spelling & grammar to myself [see that couple who just came into the cleaners?They're here to pick up their shirts. The shirts are over there. Did you hear me? They're not bundled together, they're loose, don't lose any of them.]

But some of them are so bad I have trouble understanding what they mean.

It's unbelievable how many people write loose/loosing instead of lose/losing.

At the same time though, I feel bad for the OP that so many people, including myself, have piped up about spelling when his mistakes were intentional. So he says anyway ;)

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My pet peeve is the offseason on TATF period. With no Falcons football going on, it's nothing but garbage threads being created about trading this player, signing that player, how bad Ryan/Roddy sucks, or how TD and Smith need to be fired. There are hardly any quality posts being created. It's all garbage, threads being created by people who live in the world of Madden and have no concept on what a salary cap is or the fact you don't need pro-bowlers at every position win championships and then the other crowd that attempts to add some intellect to the thread by trying to explain why this or that, will or won't work. Ughhh, I should just leave 'til the draft is over, but I won't for whatever reason smile.png...

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