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2013 Florida Gator Recruiting News


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Just a guess at this point but I'm putting the 2013 class size at 23. We have 11 seniors, 7 EE's and counting normal attrition as 5. Numbers in parentheses represent my guess based on info received on how many we will take at each position.

2013 Commits (15):


RB(2): Adam Lane, Kelvin Taylor

WR(4): Rodney Adams, Ahmad Fulwood

OL (4): Roderick Johnson, Josh Outlaw, Cameron Dillard

DE(2/3): Quinton Powell

DT(2): Caleb Brantley

LB(4): Daniel McMillan, James Hearns, Dillan Lawson

CB (2): Tre Bell

S (1): Nick Washington, Keanu Neal

Nice start to the new recruiting year!

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Is there any way Kelvin wouldn't be going to Florida? I remember reading about him saying he wanted to go to Florida when he was still in middle school.

There's always a way something can go wrong. That's a golden rule of recruiting and if nothing else proves it look at the Mike Davis situation...

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when i saw diggs was delaying the his decision after he vists maryland that all but confirmed he wasnt coming to florida, huge fail at getting WRs this year. 2013 they gotta land a few big names at WR

Who needs Wr's when you have a qb who was a Hesiman candidate before he really started, and the best offensive coordinator in America? Ha, just playing man! I think we ALL know there's no way the Gators don't land a bevy of elite receivers next year. The depth chart is just too inviting.

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