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Evaluating The Offense Heading Into The Offseason

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The offense didn't score a point in the playoff loss. Lets take a look at the roster

QB- Redman is a FA, we'll probably replace him with another vet

RB- Turner will remain the feature back this season but his regular season carries should be reduced to around 200. I dont think we've thrown a screen pass to him since he's been here, we might want to try that. Rodgers will be given a chance to earn a role and could provide some speed. Snelling is a FA, it would be wise to retain him but he may want to leave

FB-Hopefully Mughelli can come back healthy, if not our run game could really suffer

WR-Jones will emerge as our leading receiver and the offense should be based around getting him the ball any and every way possible. His physical skills are off the charts. White will become the 2nd target. Douglas is a FA and would be good to retain, Eddie Royal is a FA who would be a good replacement if available. If we can fix the OL having a good 3rd WR is a good idea.

TE-We really need to draft an athletic TE to learn from Gonzo. Bringing in a vet who can contribute as an actual #2 TE immediately is also a good idea

OL-This is where the real work begins. We don't have an LT and there really aren't any set to hit FA. We will probably have to draft one and our 1st pick is a late 2nd. We may have to franchise tag Grimes and package him with our 2nd to move up and get a LT who can start. At C we need an upgrade in size and I think our best bet is to sign a veteran OG to play RG, and then have a competition at C between Hawley and Johnson.

The OL is definately the biggest need. Blalock and Clabo are the only guaranteed starters. If we can find someone on the roster to fill another spot great but we`ll need atleast 1 FA and 1 rookie quality players to complete it.

The rest is pretty minor. If we lose Snelling we can replace him with a vet or rookie for cheap, If Douglas walks we can find a vet or rookie who can contribute there as well. It would be nice to add some talent at TE but not as big of a need

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I know you put a lot into this however...I find your Grimes sign and trade scenario to be very far fetched. Take a look...


There simply are no LTs available in Free Agency who can fill our needs. I think, to find an LT to play this upcoming year, TD will have to evaluate who he thinks will be available with our 2nd round pick, with the odds of finding a starting LT there being rather dismal. Then TD will have to either trade up in the draft, or find a team with a veteran LT who wants to be traded...and then go after that veteran with...unfortunately...a package of draft picks that might have to include our first rounder next year.

If TD did this with Cleveland's Joe Thomas I would not mind at all.

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