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Anyone Else Feeling David Wilson In The 2Nd Round?

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Really TE before RB? Even with Tony coming back. I'm pretty sure they try to address the O line in FA.

We might only have Tony for 1 more year & there is going to be some really good value for TEs in the 2nd round of this draft IMO. There may not be an elite TE in this draft, but it's still solid in the 2nd/3rd round area, so if we're looking at the future, then I can see us going with a TE over RB in round 2. I'm not convinced there is going to be the same level of TE talent in next year's draft.

That said, we don't go TE or RB unless we've completely addressed OL issues.

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I think the FO and Smith are over Turner as the work horse. But combine him with a guy like David Wilson they could have a lethal Smash and Dash combination. I've never been that high on Rogers as the answer to Turner's role reduction.

Roddy II (with the flip)??? Haha! The kid's a "baller", no doubt. Just wonder where he'll go in the draft, and if we'd even have a chance to get him.

I mean, I'd LOVE to see D. Wilson in a Falcon uni.....seems like all the elite teams have multiple backs, and "ride" the guy who's hot. But realistically, it would be a luxury to go after him, when we have so many OTHER needs. Besides, we already have a quick, change-of-pace back, in Quizz.

I'm sure TD & Co. are aware of this kid, so we'll see...

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