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Thakrunk1's Mock Draft V2


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Let's just get down to it...

Cut/ Let Go

Brent Grimes (I'd rather not be handcuffed to a 29 year-old, 5'8'' corner. Think Antoine Winfield)

Thomas Decoud (Need I explain?)

Kroy Biermann (He'll probably want to test his hand somewhere else for more money. He'll get it too)

Mike Peterson (Will probably retire)

Brett Romberg (Meh)

Eric Weems (Is an ace on special teams coverage, but return ability is suspect)

Jason Snelling (Very, very serviceable but he'll look for more money elsewhere)

Reggie Kelly (Old, waste of depth chart space)

Ovie Mughelli (We can go younger and more versatile here)

Sam Baker (Need I explain?)

Kelvin Hayden (Injury prone)


Curtis Lofton (He's our defensive captain. He'll want to stay here, and we want him here)

Harry Douglas (Would like to see what he can do with a competent OC)

James Sanders (Quality safety depth and possible starter)

Chris Redman (Cheap backup QB)

Todd McClure (Leader of the oline, but is getting old. He'll come back cheap)

The Tricky Parts

First, it is absolutely necessary to restructure Dunta Robinson's contract.

Next, we have to keep Abe unless he asks for a unreasonable deal. If we cannot work out a contract with him, let him walk. In this case we need to go HARD at Mario Williams. For the sake of less confusion, I will say that we do acquire Williams through free agency. After cuts, let go's and restructurings we should have around $30+ mil to splurge in free agency. The signing of Mario Williams will be our quasi-first round pick.

Other Free Agent Pick-ups

CB, Courtland Finnegan (Some may like, some wont. But can we get some toughness to our team for a change?)

OT, Jared Gaither (We need a OT. Svitek did well, he'll be great depth in case of injury to Gaither)

DT, Shaun Rogers (Big body to shut down the run. Him occupying 2 defenders let's Bab's do his thing. Corey Peters comes in fresh)

FB, Jacob Hester (Versatility and underrated toughness to the FB position)

LB, Kirk Morrison (Linebacker depth)

The Draft

2nd Round, Kevin Zeitler OG, Wisconsin, 6'4'' 315lbs

- Zeitler is a breast on the line. This guy has nothing but upside. He absolutely MAULS in the run game, and can anchor extremely well in the pass game. He's a cerebral player, and just has an outstanding feel of paving the way for the run game and protecting the quarterback.

3rd Round, Antonio Allen S, South Carolina, 6'2'' 205lbs

- With Mike Nolan and Mike Smith saying they want to run more hybrid defenses, Antonio Allen fits the bill as to inserting a hybrid player that brings the defense all together. He's a safety with quality safety speed and agility, but has the toughness of a linebacker. He played the hybrid SPUR position at South Carolina and thrived there. My intentions are to put William Moore at FS where he can roam the field and reduce injury, and play Allen at the SS/Hybrid position.

5th Round, Phillip Blake C, Baylor, 6'2'' 312lbs

- I had Blake higher in my last mock, but that he's a center drops him to the 5th. A lot of the other centers are moving up the draft boards due to their versatility, whereas Blake is low on versatility. That being said, Blake is extremely agile for his size. He needs some work with keeping his run blocking consistent, but he's a stonewall to bull rushes in the pass game. Blake is a little raw. He needs some work, but he's definitely no slouch.

5th Round, Devon Wylie WR, Fresno State, 5'9'' 185lbs

- Pat Hill will have something to do with this. Devon Wylie is a lightning rod. People often throw the name 'Wes Welker' out there for any shifty player they see. This guy, I kid you not, IS Wes Welker. He's decisive in his cuts, jukes and route running. Not to mention he's going to run a 4.3 at the combine. His only issue is injuries. Last season was his first real injury free season. He's tough, but just needs to find a way to stay healthy. He can come in right away and be our return man.

6th Round, Jacquies Smith DE, Missouri, 6'3'' 255lbs

- Smith is a leader of his team and a playmaker. He's a bit stiff in his motions and missed games this year with a minor injury. He's a baller nonetheless. Extremely versatile.

7th Round, Chase Ford TE, Miami, 6'6'' 260lbs

- Has outstanding hands, but lacks speed. He's a hard worker and a reliable target. I'm not looking at him as our TE of the future. Michael Palmer is still very underrated and under-used in our offense, and I believe he can actually be something in this league if he can stay healthy. Ford, however, is a project TE. We might could get a diamond in the rough here.

Depth Chart

QB- Matt Ryan, Redman, JPW

RB- Turner, Quizz, Hester, Smith

FB- Hester

WR- Roddy, Julio, Harry, Meier, Wylie

LT- Gaither, Svitek, Jackson

LG- Blalock, Johnson

C- McClure, Blake

RG- Zeitler, Hawley

RT- Clabo, Reynolds, Jackson

TE- Tony Gonzalez, Palmer, Ford

RE- Mario Williams, Sidbury

DT- Babs, Shaun Rogers, Corey Peters, Vance Walker

LE- Ray Edwards, Jacquies Smith, Cliff Matthews

LB- Lofton, Spoon, Nicholas, Morrison, Dent, Adkins

CB- Finnegan, Robinson, Owens, Franks, Walls

SS- Antonio Allen, Schillinger

FS- William Moore, James Sanders

ST- Bosher, Bryant, Zelenka

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brent grimes won't comand top / unreasonable money on the open market....unless he wants to play for a loser. Just b/c he is an effective DB, at his size, although impressive, isn't elite DB play. We can realistically sign him.

Bierman can go and, lol, no he won't "get paid". He is a good piece...nothing more.

Agree with other cuts. can we cut / trade Edwards....

totally agree with the approach of Abe, and adding M.Williams.

we have young lbers for depth on the roster.

Finnegan is an awfull human being, think Meangelo Hall. More an emotional liability.

Gaither for depth is fine, as long as no ideas of grandeur. LT's don't bounce around unless there are issues.

S.Rogers , absouletely

I'm all for the best availble OT / G prospect available for the 2nd.

DB / or a C like Blake here is waaay more pressing than S, imo.

We should not use a pick on a WR this draft. PERIOD, seriously.....JJ cost us plenty. time to hope for a diamond to help another position.

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