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Mock Draft 2.0

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Round 2: Philip Blake, C, Baylor

Height: 6-2. Weight: 312

I personally think that Blake is the second best center behind Peter Konz of Wisconsin. He's a good athlete for his size and played better against good competition like Washington's Alameda Ta'amu. Ben Jones struggled against Brockers from LSU and Worthy from Michigan St. and Michael Brewster from Ohio St. struggled with Devon Still from PSU and Worthy from MSU.

With McClure struggling with more physical defensive tackles and being a 36 year old free agent that might not return, coupled with Hawley not playing particularly well in McClure's absence. The Falcons could really use a talented guy to step in and stabilize the center of the O line that was pushed back in Ryan's face all year.

Round 3: Brandon Taylor, FS, LSU

Height: 5-11. Weight: 202

I think we can all agree that DeCoud is the weakest link in the secondary and possibly the defense. Although I do think he will be resigned. I would like to see the Falcons put pressure on him to either rise up and make an impact on the defense or get beat out by a rookie and become a impact ST player.

Taylor is a great athlete with decent size and can lay the wood rather well. He's not the ball hawk they a lot of people want but he's an upgrade over DeCoud and won't blow tackles and coverage. He was the second leading tackler on LSU's number two rated defense in the nation.

Round 5: Kevin Koger, TE, Michigan

Height: 6-3. Weight: 262

This is one of my sleeper picks for the Falcons at this point in time. I've liked Kroger for a while now and feel sort of obligated to throw his name out there for the Falcons. They don't have an immediate need for a TE with Tony coming back next year.

Kroger has good size and can move for a big guy. He looked real good at the Senior Bowl and might have bumped his stock up a lit bit. But I still have him going in the 5th right now. He's already a good run and pass blocker for the position and probably could have put up better number if Michigan had a decent pass offense. I think he could step in and relieve Tony a couple of times a game and be a nice addition to the red zone offense.

Round 6: Donte Paige Moss, DE, UNC

Height: 6-4. Weight 260

I know, I know.... He flamed out at UNC and declared for the draft under bad circumstances. But the fact is he was projected as a potential top 10 pick at the end of last season. But injuries(ACL) held him back this year and he ended up blowing up at the final game of the season(search his tweets). If the Falcons could get any sort of value out of him it would be a good deal. They are always looking for a pass rusher and when healthy and in a stable position Moss is still an athletic player who could be a steal. Similar cases have panned out in recent years (Carl Nicks and Carlos Dunlap). At the worst you get a guy that can play on ST that was a 6th round pick, at best who knows??

Round 7: Darius Fleming, OLB, Notre Dame

Height: 6-2. Weight: 255

He's had experience as a 43 DE and 43 OLB. He could be a potential situational pass rush as a OLB in the 34 defense if the Falcons make a switch down the road or choose to run a hybrid of both this year. But he also provides depth if Peterson or Wire don't return.

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Donte Paige Moss is both a moron and a jerk. I don't want him anywhere near this team, and this FO will NEVER draft a player like that. The last thing we need is a player publicly bad mouthing his own players, fans and coaches after a loss, and I don't mean jokingly. Do you really want someone on this team who calls out Falcon fans for being the "worst fans evar" after we get upset b/c of a loss? Not to mention that he would be useless until 2013 since he only tore his ACL a few weeks ago.

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