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We Takes Coaches From The Jaggs, Colts Taking All The Steelers.


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What other teams seem to be going after other teams coaches? Off the top of your head. What teams do you think has the best odds with these new coaches at making a playoff run for next season?

Im liking the Colts moves though. For a team that crashed and burned, they are getting a decent staff together for rebuilding.

I like our Nolan hire though and that could be a Huge move for us this offseason that really could change things in the next few years.

Yeah yeah... its the off season and pro bowl isn't on yet. Just trying to make conversation. Just ment to be more like bar talk.

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I believe that it will take the Colts at least three seasons to be a playoff contender if Manning is gone. They built the team around Manning and without him, they were lost. That won't change right away.

The Falcons actually have the best shot at a playoff run with new coordinators. The schedule is not that bad and the key players will be back for the 2012 season. I know a lot of people don't have any faith in Koetter, but I look for the offense to be a lot better and more consistant than anything we have seen under Mularkey.

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