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Goodell's Contract Extended


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I didn't mind Goodell's attempts to clean the game up - as in off the field troubles. I felt the NFL had an obligation to try and police it's players into being more responsible citizens. No problem with his stance on Pacman, Henry, Vick, Tank. You name it. I was behind him 100 percent.

But this bullsh!t he's pulling now is truly ruining this game. Trying to change the way the game is played is absolutely going to destroy the game I love.

I don't care about so-called cheapshots at player's going across the middle. Are you freakin kidding me? That's the way I was taught to play the game as a defensive player. I was also taught as an offensive player to keep my head on a swivel, and to find the hole (or soft spot) in a zone and "sit" for the ball (not run through the zone - which will get you lit up).

Goodell was justified in cleaning the off-field stuff up. He's totally gone "tyrant" with him trying to change the game itself.

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Safety will become EVEN more of a premium concern now.

I have no problem with putting a premium on player safety, the problem is that the officials are going a little too far with what IS and what ISN'T considered a dirty hit. It's football, it's a collision sport. That's why they have helmets and shoulder pads. The way I see it is they are trying to make the NFL as high a scoring as the NBA, nobody wants that. Honestly, I prefer a good defensive struggle. I prefer a low scoring affair.

The rules they are putting in place now are mirroring how our society as a whole is becoming soft. When my parents grew up (50s-60s) they knew what hard work was, they knew what discipline was, they knew the pride of working for an honest dollar. Kids (and NFL players) nowadays think they are just owed any and everything. Personally, I like what the late JoePa said about helmet to helmet hits.

"Take the facemask off the helmets, and see if they go helmet to helmet then."

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