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Do We Need A New Strength & Conditioning Coach?

Ed Roland

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Watching the games yesterday one thing I noticed on the top tier teams is how strong their front lines are in the trenches. I'm for one tired of watching our offensive & defensive lines get pushed around the field when we go up against a top tier teams. Blame it on lack of talent, maybe coaching, but at the very least let's get somebody in Flowery Branch who will motivate our players to hit the weight room and bulk up.

Our current coach is all about pilates & core strength..... great if I'm a chick & want to workout at LA Fitness.... Let's get back to old school and go back to Free Weight training & carring logs up a hill...

Case in point: Kroy Biermann. Luv the guy, great motor, undersized, but has small arms & legs... get you head out of Hollywood Kroy & drop the "skank". Hit the weight room please.

A couple of things, I use to be the strength coach at William & Mary. So coming from my point of view this is what I think

I guarantee you that they are still doing cleans, jerks snatches, deadlifts etc.. We are not a HIT program

Our staff has been on the cutting edge as far as monitoring heart rate during practices, games 2 a days, which I think is smart,

The flexibility issue is now thinking not 80's thinking, the posters have already stated about Ryan believing it, Roddy took some wicked shot this year and still played. And last but not least....

You have to have the players.... Sorry but Sam baker is not a mauler! Brent grimes is not going to run someone over, if we drafted big HOGS, it would be easier, we assembled agile guys, No one on that line is going to plow some over with the exception of maybe Clabo. And we have a very light defense line, Get bigger guys

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Guest Dirty Bird Nation ®


Our Strength/Conditioning Coach is FINE. His regimen allowed Matt Ryan to overcome his leg and ankle being bent backwards all season. KEEP HIM!

It was very similar to Gronk's ankle injury against the Raven's. I was sure Ryan was gonna have an ankle sprain or something.

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If anything the strength and conditioning program deserves kudos as a whole. The injury rate on this team is waaaaayyyy down compared to other teams across the league because of the focus on flexibility (among other things).

Interesting article here: http://www.nytimes.c...s-strategy.html

Matt Ryan even credited them as the reason he was able to make it through this season taking hits like this...


your vid really shows just how shaky our OLine has been; and how tough Matt is

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primary job is to keep players healthy and off of iR

08 Trey Lewis and Von Hutchins only starters on IR + 7 backups added as season went along

09 Douglas and Jerry only starters in IR + 7 backup were added as season went along

10 Meiers and Norwood on IR early Schillinger added last week

11 Mugherlli and M Johnson early and peterson and hyden added last week

looks like they are getting better

have not checked into how many individual games players missed due to injury

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