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4Th & Short

4th and 1  

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  1. 1. Now that Nolan is our DC, what will Smitty do in 4th and 1 situations now?

    • Go for it less often
    • Go for it more often
    • Go for it just as much as always

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Now that Smitty has his buddy Nolan working the defense, do you think that he will trust his defense more and not go for it in 4th and short situations or do you think that it won't matter and he'll continue business as usually. I ask this because I think Smitty went for it on 4th down and failed quite a few times this year (was just 4 for 13 in 4th down situations) because I really think he didn't trust BVG at times to call the right plays to get a stop.

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Nolan is 1 of the best D minds in the NFL

Koetter was on the team with the worst O in the NFL.

Personally i say we have to go for it because we needed those scores. But i trust Nolan to do better than BVG.

Koetter doesn't have a record of success so its hard to trust him at this point.

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