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De Prospect Bruce Irvin


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Was reading on some DE prospects and ran across this kid its a great story and I belive he's from Ga as well. But its a great story the kid was once a WR prospect he ended up droping out of school highschool and was running the streets and he's turn his life completely around. Plus if you watch him play theres not to many DE's that have the kind of athletic ability he does just look at the You tube video he has crazy speed I'll be very instrested to see what 40 he'll run at the combine.

The Story if intrested in reading it


Youtube video highlights

He may be viewed as an OLB in the NFL but I think he is kind of like Von miller may not be as good but a guy who could play OLB in a 3-4 or 4-3 or DE in a 4-3 not to mention hopefully we don't see to much of it again this year but he could drop in to coverage as well. And like I said he once was WR prospect he is freakeshly athletic.

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I am as big of a WVU fan as I am a Falcons fan, but I can look at anyone objectively.

Here is my take on BRUUUUUUCE!

In the NFL, Irvin can only be a 3-4 OLB. He cant play LB in 4-3 or DE in 4-3. He is very similar to a Tamba Hali or Cameron Wake. It is already established that we are gonna be a 4-3 team next year. If we are building towards a 3-4 or hybrid in the future though, he would be a helll of a pickup. Irvin is a maniac when he wants to be. He also has a problem with motivation. He has a bit of Haynesworth in that he doesnt play full on all the time.

All in all, yea, I would love to get Bruce but only if available in the 5-7th round. I really don't see him lasting that long in the draft.

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I loves Bruce last year, he looked very much like Aldon Smith in his speed and how the Oline guys had a tough time getting their hands on him. In reviewing this years highlights I see the talent is still there but he seems to get stoned at the line if they do get hands on him. Though, I wouldn't be against it with his skills.

Currently I'm looking at Vinny Curry from Marshall.

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Yea I really like Vinny Curry but I don't think he'll be there late in the second and of the two Irvin may still be avaiable but he as well could be gone. But I think Irvin has more upside which he may never reach but Vinny Curry is the much more complete player of the two.

I really like Curry as well. He kind of reminds me of Terrell Suggs. I'm not confident that he will be there around the time the Falcons in the 2nd either but if he is then the Falcons should heavily consider picking him.

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I used to be a WVU fan. With that said Irvin is a great pass rush specialist, but not much more than that. He struggles at the POA,isn't strong enough to shed blocks, and just really struggles to contain the run. He is an incredible pass rusher though and could possibly be coached to be an every down DE

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On the Falcons’ secondary and his philosophy:

I haven’t had a chance to look over all the players, so I can’t comment too much on an individual basis, but as a whole, I will say this: I think the secondary is one of the most important areas today, more than it was 15, 20 years ago just because of the quarterback play nowadays. There’s probably more good quarterbacks in the league now than there’s ever been, and naturally, outside of pass rush, the secondary is where the quarterback attacks you the most, so it’s really important to have a good secondary. But I do know this: I’m kind of familiar with some of the guys. It’s a solid group. But in order to play well, it takes 11 guys, so you can’t put it all on one position. All I can say really is that it’s a vital part of success in nowadays football, as you’re all well aware of. I think there was three or four quarterbacks that went over 5,000 yards and there’s all kinds of offensive production in that area, so I think there are people who will also, going forward, put a lot more emphasis on having (a better secondary). Typically, everyone talks about having four starting DBs, but I think the future really looks like it’s going to be five starting DBs if these quarterbacks keep doing what they’re doing.

From what Nolan is saying we are going to stay typically a 4-3 with some tweaks there I'm thinking we will be running more of a 4-2-5 like he ran in 95" with the New york Giants of coarse at this team LT was gone so it kind of hurt the LB core. I also believe that we will try and hash it out with Grimes to get him back here. This secondary will have an interesting look we may see at least 3 out of the original starters back if we get Grimes but two will be added not including Decoub coming back I don't believe. I also see us signing Lofton back which means him and Spoon will be our guys leaving SN on the outside like in as he may be traded because if we go to this scheme he will not be needed because of his lack of cover skills that Lofton and Spoon possess but Lofton will have to become a 3 down guy to make this work. This will allow us to be more aggressive up front with our blitz packages way may give up some big play but the return will be greater than the big play we may give up on occasion. Nolan has ran this before with the Giants during his time there from 93"-96".

1995 New York Giants 4-2-5 Nickel Defense - $10.00 x-click-but22.gif

Get 1995 New York Giants 4-2-5 Nickel Defense and the other defensive playbooks for less than 11¢ each (save 98.1%)!

Get 1995 New York Giants 4-2-5 Nickel Defense and all the other playbooks for less than 6¢ each (save 98.8%)!

I'm not buying this book but this is prove that he has run this scheme before. The question though is will we be man to man or zone. I believe it will be both but this is just my take what is your?

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