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Dmitri "all He Does Is Win Super Bowls" Nance Is Back.


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I am also irked that Nance and Peprah walked, had success with a team that put us out of the playoffs; now Nance is back. I like it. Welcome home.

Hey FO: Why don't you guys pull your heads out of your azz with these promising players?? WTF??

I was hoping that we would have kept Nance instead of Smith anyway. Although I wasn't emotionally attached to the decision from either side, it raises a question: "Is the FO really doing a thorough job when evaluating talent?"

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Could this be a sign Snelling or even Turner is on the way out?

I think it's just better depth for our RBs.

I saw something in Nance that stirred some memory of Jam32 in his early practice squad years. Maybe not everybody, but my inner talent scout (for whatever he's worth) saw a future for this kid. I'm no expert, but i'd almost bet money that if this kid gets a shot at some carries/catches, he's gonna make the most of 'em.

We'll see what happens with Snelling and Turner, but i look around the league and see teams with 4 good RBs deep. -Ex: The Saints- Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram, Chris Ivory and Darren Sproles.

I dont see why we cant keep all our guys too.

Turner, Snelling, Nance and Quizz.

I like it. Just got to game plan to get them involved. Maybe we got an OC now that can handle that assignment.

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i'm ecstatic Nance is back. he is a solid, tough, do-everything kind of back (with quicks) who of course is also familiar with Koetter already.

i am really curious about what sort of offense they will brew. 3-wide w/TE, single back as standard would be awesome...but such a thing depends on Turner. if he stays then we need a FB on the field and would have to run vertical attacks from standard formations. it's possible but i believe it limits our potential, which is why i am very happy about Nance returning. go devils

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Guest Dirty Bird Nation ®

I'm sure we can use him. Because if he has a ring, he must be better than players without one. ph34r.png

By this logic, Trent Dilfer was better then Dan Marino.

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