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  1. 1. Just want to get a gauge on how many trolls there are these should be pretty easy considering the options

    • Matt Ryan is the best there is the best there ever was and the best there ever will be
    • Matt Ryan is an elite QBs
    • Matt Ryan's between good and elite
    • Matt Ryan is not elite and just average and needs to be gone because he holding us back

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Good and close to elite. This offseason he has a lot to improve on. If he never hits that elite status...it could work out to our advantage. It could free us up to spend more money/resources on other areas/other players. Case in point-Drew Brees. Unfortunately for us...elite, but don't think that will help them much winning many more Super Bowls as his career winds down. There are definitely exceptions to the rule that football is a team sport...it certainly helps to have a Brady, Montana, etc. in being a dynasty...but look at Dallas with Aikman, Bradshaw with the Steelers...there's probably a few more examples. Heck...if a few members of the Raven's D were just a little younger...even OL' Average Joe Flacco would have a few bowls to his name before it's said and done.

I don't think Ryan needs to be elite,

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