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My Solution To The Secondary Problems


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Disclaimer: I think Brent Grimes is a tremendous player. He's a top 5 corner in this NFL, no question. That being said... the playoff game was it for me. To quit on this team after they gave you a chance from the ****ing Admirals in NFL Europe? Come on. He should have played and we all know it.

Do Not Resign: Grimes, too expensive considering Dunta's deal, would not mesh as well in a man to man as...

Sign: Courtland Finnegan, physical, tough, dirty player we all want. Spoon was regraded as being too emotional, so was Terrell Suggs, Von Miller, etc. We need some fire. Finnegan is almost as highly rated as Grimes, younger, and fits the scheme.

Switch Dunta to a free safety. Clearly, it's not working at CB. At safety, Dunta should be able to use his physical style, hands, and ball hawking skills. Upgrade over the average DeCoud.

CB: Finnegan/Franks/Owens/Walls

FS: Robinson/Schann?

SS: Moore/Sanders

That's my 2 cents. Purely speculation but I think it would compliment a hopefully more aggressive defense we see in 2012.

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