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Guess We Will Find Out If It's The Scheme Or The Players


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We may and we may not find out if it is the players or the scheme.

It depends on how many new players are added this year.

Only if Nolan goes with the players on the current roster will we find out if it was the scheme or THESE players.

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I wouldn't be surprised, at all. The offense as the bulk of the talent on this team.

If the Falcons lose Grimes and Abraham, the Falcons defense could be downright bad in 2012, and there won't be that much that Nolan can do about it.

Actually just looking at the current roster, I expect a bigger turnover on the offensive side of the ball. Not starters necessarily but overall.

ie UFA Chambers, Cox, A. Smith, Snelling?, Redman?, Palmer?, Weems?

plus contract players Romberg, Kelly, Cone

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