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Half the reason I am pissed about the OC hire is because his name is Dirk.... I mean come on?! Who the **** makes it through life with the name Dirk? Couldn't he at least have a decent name to make me feel better. Not to mention he seems kinda soft... I want some stern discipline in the coaching circle. Some anger! Lol. But in all seriousness he could work out. There really wasnt much to choose from to be honest. He better be a surprise. We shall see I guess. I think even if he turns out to be good I'mma be pissed still about that Dirk name lol. At least Koetter is kinda cool. Koettin' up that defense with the screen game!

On the other hand Nolan was an awesome hire and although he isn't quite the angry kinda guy either we finally have someone you can cheer about. Finally... Gotta say that twice.... On a side note I think the reason we were able to snatch him up from the Dolphins is because Arthur Blank probably told him he's promised the head coaching job next year if Mike Smith doesn't make it happen. You know he saw Nolan in his suite and was like yea I want that guy on my team. Arthur Blank all in his rich guy in a suite slash mafia looking swag. "That Nolan guy has some class! Time to get some class up in this!" Arthur was like smell this dirty bird mafia money. You look good in that suite but you look better standing next to mine!

This is a have fun thread. Public service announcement. :)

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