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Has Nolan Already Been Promised The Hc Job In 2013?

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No, it makes sense. All AB talked about in the press conference was how we don't look snazzy enough, the fact that Nolan is consitently a top 10 D coordinator has nothing to do with the hire - he just looks helIa fine rockin pinstripes.

It all makes since now. AB is starting the football mafia and he needed another "good fella" to be a "made man". Pure brilliance.

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Listen MM is a team player and he is very well aware of what could happen if he does not get this right. I'm glad he is our head coach cause he does care about this team but us fans will not intimidate frustrate or make him coach a different way then he does when it comes to making decisions for this team . He would hate to loose his job but unlike must coaches if that happens he will move on and would be glad to have MN take his spot if he doesn't get the job done just like MN was happy when MS got his job in SF cause he is a realistic HC that is not walking in the dark. If it should not work out he would feel much comfortable leaving the team in the hands of guys he knows more about because they are just like him they want to win and be successful with their team. So be careful what you ask for cause these guys are more like minded than you think and you will be complaining about MN or DK to cause they are a @.0 and 3.0 of Smitty. All of these guys MS DK and MN seem very unselfish and do not appear to try and tarnish the other to get his job. So thank your HC for already having your possible replacement in place. Let's get throw the Smitty era first before we trying to already replace the man. As the saying goes it's Smitty job to loose.

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Full head of hair.

Camera friendly face.

The writing is on the wall folks.

Save this post. Mark it now. Nolan has EVERYTHING Blank looks for in a head coach.

Mike Smith might not make it past pre-season.

I don't think AB cares how much hair his coach has or if his face is friendly , that's the dumbest statement ever written on here

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You're hilarious. I'm surprised you aren't butt hurt from GB's loss.

But Nolan said he loves coordinating more than Head Coaching because you can be hands on with the players and coach them. I don't see him moving on in 2-3 years like Spags would have been.

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