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Why Would You Hire Mike Nolan To Run A 4-3?

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I agree, BUT we need our LBs coached up better to actually make the sack. BVG called a many LB blitz that were actually delayed and/or disguised pretty well (imho), but we whiffed time and time again.


I thought BVG did a horrible job at LB blitzes or just most blitzes in general for the most part. If it was delayed it was delayed too long. Or it was a blitz that everyone in the stadium new was coming.

I'd really like to see Adkins rush the passer. I remember beeing so high on him coming out of the draft. I haven't seen him play all that much besides those last 2 games, but his footwork seems to need alot of work. I think rushing the passer is something he could do easier and be more valuable there.

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Pretty sure Nolan worked on a 4-3 defense with New York, Washington and Baltimore.

Washington - yes

New York Giants - yes & no (started as a 3-4 team when he was hired, finished as a 4-3)

Baltimore - No

In Baltimore, Nolan was promoted to DC in 2002 and made the switch from 4-3 to 3-4 in his 1st year there as DC (he was a Baltimore assistant in 2001 when they ran the 4-3).

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He has had most of his success with the 3-4 but Im hearing he has the knowledge to run both schemes. He ran a Hybrid Defense which is both 3-4 and 4-3 i believe.

Hybrid is great as long as you do it right. They finally get the guy but they are staying with the 4-3. for the primary choice?? iMean come on when I found out that The Byrds got him I thought that **** would freeze over (judging by the history of lackluster offseason moves before the Ryan and Lofton picks in 08) and now they want to keep the 4-3. I feel that they are being stubborn with this move Im just saying you have a great coordinator so let the guy do what he does best in order to make not only the Defense great but to help make this team a **** good force to reckoned with come PLAYOFF TIME!!!

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He ran a 4-3 scheme when he went to the Giants with Dan Reeves from 1993-1996. The defense did well his first year there of coarse LT was there. He was the youngest coach than at the age of 34. When LT retired it made his 4-3 begin to decline. I'm gathering that if he is choosing to come back to a 4-3 he must have saw some great things out of the Falcons 4-3 defense that made him say wow I think we have something here. I believe that he will be able to get the maximum potential out of this team. There are some great pieces here to use and If BVG got them to 12th over all a little tweaking here and there can put them in the top 5 this season I believe coming up. He also was a student of the late jimmy johnson as well as Spags who was a blitzing king so I'm looking for some great blitzing packages. I don't know the full vision of this defense but I feel some great things about to pop off as he should be able to fill some of the voids we may have with some quality players as he watches the tapes to see what we may be missing because from what I have read he knows how to pick players on defense and maximize the players around him to their highest potential. I will say this much no one will want to get hurt or loose their job cause if he puts in a replacement they might not get their job back cause he will make a player out of a backup. I'm still impressed with how he tok 8 rookies while he was with the ravens and still made that defense a power house without RL one year while he was on the injury list.

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