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What Do You Want The Defense To Look Like Going Forward?

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First off we have 3 key FAs on D

1. Abe

2. Lofton

3. Grimes

I'd say Abe is a must to keep as the pass rush needs to be upgraded and he's our best pass rusher.

Lofton we obviously need to keep as he's a great young MLB and there's no one to replace him

Grimes I would think we need to keep as it's a passing league and you typically need 3 quality corners, particularly in this division, but we'll see

First and foremost I think the pass rush and the depth on the DL need to be improved.

At DE Abe hopefully returns, we have Edwards and possibly Sidbury. With Biermann a FA atleast 1-2 need to be added at DE via FA or the draft. With an additional pass rusher to play DE opposite Abe, Edwards can move inside to DT on pass downs with Babineaux.

At DT we have Babineaux, Peters, maybe Jerry and Walker. We could certainly use another pass rusher or a big space eater to keep Weatherspoon and Lofton clean and set up passing situations on 3rd down.

The more emphasis we place on the DLs quality and depth the less we need to worry about the DBs.

Decoud is a FA and it would be ideal to upgrade him with a player like Michael Griffin. If no one is available, we may consider shifting Dunta Robinson to FS. His profile says he originally began his college career at South Carolina as a free safety. He's definately shown he can hit. He would give us a big hitter at FS with great range to pair with Moore. This would obviously create a hole at corner, particularly if Grimes leaves.

If we did move Robinson to FS we could consider placing less emphasis on the corner position and instead of looking for fast man to man corners we could get bigger corners who can press receivers and tackle.

It would be a scheme entirely dependent on the pass rush but the corners would press the WRs and be responsible for the short zones and the safeties would play over top in a base cover 2 look. What the scheme does is first the QB sees 2 safeties deep discouraging the deep ball, the timing of the routes is disrupted as receivers are jammed at the line, and the impending pass rush forces the QB to get rid of the ball, usuallly short.

Now because the back 7 is in zone defense they're facing the ball as opposed to having their backs to it in man and can see the play and rally to the football. This funnels the ball to our tacklers in Weatherspoon, Lofton, Moore and Robinson (FS) and puts them in position to create fumbles.

This scheme means theres less need for the rare expensive man to man corner but it requires a dominant DL. If the pass rush isnt there the QB simply sits back and waits for someone to find space. So implementing such a scheme would be dependent upon bringing in an impact rusher such as Mario Williams, Cliff Avril or Robert Mathis, in addition to retaining Abe. This would allow Edwards to contribute as interior pass rusher. Also upgrading DT is required, Calais Campbell would be a massive signing but a guy like Amobi Okoye or Jason Jones could help the pass rush or Aubrayo Franklin to stuff the run.

In this D we could also blitz without being as vulnerable as a man D because the pressure would sacrifice underneath coverage whereas a man blitz leaves guys 1 on 1, this D would only allow an easy checkdown but multiple tacklers show up short of the 1st down. We can also combine this with dropping a DL or expected blitzer back into this expected easy checkdown area. These are the same zone blitz concepts a 3-4 like **** Lebeaus uses but employing it out of a 4-3 front.

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I'm afraid I disagree with Abe he is a last resort to keep in my view.At 34 time is up its not personal but I feel if we have a chance to upgrade with Mario Williams I'm afraid Abe is a gonna.Also if Abe is still our go to next year I really think we are in trouble he was carrying injuries all year and to me this is a tell tale sign and at 34 I just believe though he maybe our best pass rusher his time with us is up.

Sidbury is the sleeper we gotta find out if this guy is for real or not I know he had limted snaps and did produce but we really need to find out if he's the real deal.

Inside I think we got worn down this year in those big games I think we need a Shawn Rodgers,Abruyo Franklin Albert Haynesworth type guy that can really hold up against the Run.PJ has given us not much Vance Walker is a fill in Babs had a down year so I think we need that specialist NT type and why not one of those 3 for the right $$$$.

Edwards well he needs to produce no BS next year if not hit the road jack.

Dunta I keep as a Corner I think if we get him to play more man I think he'll be all the better for it.

Lofton is a keeper also I want to see him used as more of a blitzer I hate seeing him drop into coverage his chief attribute is hitting people I like the idea of bringing him down hill to hit whenever he gets the oppourtunity.

Grimes for the right $$$$ the guy is $$$$$ and he is scheme diverse but I won't be surprised if he is at the mercy of the market.I think the FO has a number in mind I think they are about 25% apart so if Grimes chooses to take a better deal somewhere else all power to him.

FS is also a concern DeCoud has'nt forfilled early promise and gets caught making bad reads in coverage he's pretty decent in run support but we need a guy with more range and speed back there as I also want to see Moore coming down hill hitting people and blitzing.

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We need to be able to get penetration at the line first and foremost. We are absolutely impotent with a 3 man rush - and can't hold the coverage on the back end long enough to be successful. When the quarterback has enough time to wait for the receivers to get free - it's a lose-lose situation.

When we go with a 4 man rush - we can't do the job on the back end.

We need more than anything else to get that front 4 more effective. Our secondary has improved greatly over the past couple of years - but that front line is still the biggest problem we have. Until we get an effective pass rush from those guys - more pressure and more take aways, our defense will continue to struggle overall.

No more lapses against the run ! We need a more disciplined group in run fits and in fact, we just need more disciplined gap coverage overall.

Everyone needs to do their own job on EVERY play and trust that everyone around them will do theirs. If we have guys that don't do their job, coach 'em up or move 'em out.

Most importantly - STOP THEM ON 3RD DOWN!!!!!!!

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If we could have our front 7 play like that big, ugly, red faced

man in San Francisco. That would be enough for me.

Peria Jerry played like that guy in college. So what are we waiting

for? Lets get after it this year. The guys we have can play much

better than they did.

I think we need to re-evaluate our strength and conditioning program.

We are getting overpowered too much. Sometimes you are going to

get out schemed but there is no reason to get whipped physically.

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The makeup of this defense is a lil concerning.. we had serious inconsistencey on the d-line and the backend... It would be foolish to use a similar scheme that relies almost totally on the line... If spags and nolan are interested and we land one of them then..

Spags: if jhe came here i would let him be as aggressive as possible on 3rd n long, thats been a big issue for 4yrs.. also develop the young line... We can replace decoud..(fk no to dunta playin fs).. need to resign lofton and grimes.. let abe walk and scheme our way to a pass rush...

Nolan: hey im not a big fan of the 3-4 simply cause we havent drafted for it... This isnt madden, you cnt just line ppl in a position and think its going to wrk... If we ran a hybird defense whee we brought a 3-4 in onvthird and long to brin exotic looks and pressure to help with our pass rush and 3rd down problems...

Either way the FO just needs to bring someone in who can fix BOTH problems...

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anything like the 49ers. every play they seemed to be trying to put someone in the hospital. they were relentless. give me ANYTHING that resembles that and im a happy happy man.

Agree...watching them play the other day, I was so jealous that our defense didn't look that way...I think part of it stems from the coach's attitude, Harbough is a tough nosed SOB.....

Furthermore, don't care if 4-3 or 3-4...we have basic personnel for both (would need to be creative in FA and draft if did move to 3-4) which may affect how well we can upgrade the OLine....so not sure if we are willing to stay at the point we are at for another year to fully transition into a 3-4...


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Agressive and attacking. My dream would be to get Super Mario and bring "The predator" back relatively cheap resign lofton and grimes. And hopefully draft a legitimate ballhawking FS. With about 30 mil in cap space and issues on the OL I don't see that happening though.

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we dnt have thoes type of players...

We have 2 players who have that exact mindset it just we don't use them that way Moore and Lofton are both down hill clubbers for me I'd be playing Moore in the box more excuse the pun and blitzing these 2 guys alot getting them coming foward instead of droping them in coverage leave Spoon and Nicolas for those soughts of things the problem is though over the top we need a FS that has range and speed as he will be playing single high if we brought Moore into the box and unfortunately DeCoud just isn't the guy he is also decent in run support but his diagnosing of coverages is average at best and he's slow.

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