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Quick Comment On Captains


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Does anyone besides myself think that it is stupid we wait till the end of the season to pick our team captains? I know it's not a huge deal but i just wish our best leadrd had captains patches like the rest of the nfl does. Id like to see Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Sean Weatherspoon, and John Abraham as our captains. I think other teams have 4. Who would you choose?

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Only a team with high moral character players such as the Falcons can engage in the captain system. We all saw what happened with the Jet's when they crashed and burned turning on each other and such. I would also like to see this captain system upgraded and have more influence.

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Spoon on D most definitely, emotional guy who can charge the D with his sheer presence around.

QB is supposed to be the leader of the squad so i'd go ahead and throw a captain tag on Matt Ryan... surprised it hasn't happened already.

If Abe stays around.... give it to him as well. Veteran who still has it.

Roddy White has been here during our ups and downs and has improved along with our team. He's vocal as well and obviously our go-to receiver(though I think this may change in a year or two). Throw him the captain tag.

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