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If Any Of Y'all Are Worried We Might Hire Del Rio...

Billy Ocean

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Sports News: Jaguars Fire Del Rio

As CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco notes, it was the team’s offense that needed the most refreshing:

“Jack Del Rio is proof of what happens when you are married to an outdated offense. You can’t win. When Del Rio was hired as coach, owner Wayne Weaver said, ‘no more three yards and a cloud of dust.’ Now they have a ‘two-yards-and-punt offense’ instead.”

While the offense has stalled behind rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio writes, it’s off the field where Del Rio made matters worse:

“...Del Rio publicly blamed offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter twice in two weeks for decisions that went bad during Jacksonville losses. Most recently, Del Rio said that a key timeout wasn’t taken because Koetter didn’t want it, a shameful passing of the buck away from the desk of the man who runs the show.”

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ok this i like. Its is starting to sound now like that Koetter might just be a good OC in a bad situation. No personnel to work with, and a HC in the hot seat that is throwing people under the bus. i also don't believe that being 32 in the league in offense is on the OC alone. sounds like it was a bad environment over there. it happens good people in bad jobs just look at belichick at cleveland.

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