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Now Since Oc Is Hired, Who Will Be Qb Coach To Complement Him


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Whoever was the Jags QB coach will be hired, he is last on the list!

The Falcons should hire the Best QB coach available though.

I would like Musgrave back, but unbelievably he hasnt been fired yet!

Anyway, I guess, I would like Brett Farve to be hired to give Matt Ryan his expert knowledge!


Brett could draw up the game plan too,

since we havent had one in 4 years!

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Would be cool if they were able to lure Tom Clements to Atlanta as the QB coach and give him an Asst. OC label. Clements has helped develop Aaron Rodgers into the best QB in the NFL, and Matt Flynn stepped in seamlessly at the end of the regular season and set Packers passing records in that game -- and Flynn was a middling talent entering the league.

If he can take Matt Ryan from good to great, he'll be well on his way to getting an OC job in the league and then a Head Coaching gig. Plus, all of the backlash from the Koetter hiring will stop. Everyone that wanted Clements can have him in a role that better suits his skills, he can help develop Matt, and he can have input on the offense infusing it with some of the elements he picked up in Green Bay.

Please make this happen.

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